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Wally's Heroes

We are just a great bunch of mates that have enjoyed great friendships for at least 40 years.

Some of us have been involved in 4wd clubs and even holding a committee position as a Chairman for one of the two 4wd peak bodies in Western Australia, which is where we are based.

We will NEVER, ever support the individual personal agendas of anyone honoured a position on a management/executive committee by any organisation.

We respect all viewpoints and not take notice of those that believe they have some level of charisma bestowed upon them by others.

Though we are a bunch of Wally's, we always try to do right by the environment to maintain ours and our friend’s access in a voluntary capacity.

The Wally's have the backing of a professional 4wd training provider that funds the hosting and domain of this website.

The core group of Wally's by their nicknames are as follows in alphabetical order; 


Cactus (Moderator);

Ducky (Moderator);

Froggy (Moderator);

OddBall (Moderator);




Tazzy (Moderator); 

Wally (Moderator).